Gary Parmar


Learning from a very young age the precision skills and detailed knowledge needed in the post-construction and commercial cleaning industry, Gary has been helping run and maintain his family’s cleaning business since his early teens. Already well-practiced in project management by the age of 24, at that point he had supervised projects for some of Vancouver’s largest construction companies. Marrying the two skillsets, he poured his abilities and outstanding talents into EcoGiants Construction Cleaning Inc., where they thrive. Since establishing in 2015, Gary has taken on cleaning projects from some of the biggest names in development in Canada, and has grown the company from 3 employees to over 100 staff members; all highly trained, exceptionally efficient, and expertly managed.

Jesse Parmar


Jesse is the rising star of EcoGiants, first using his unique experience from the family business to train Floor Care Staff in precision techniques, then moving up to project management and supervision. Now, as a veteran of the specific skills and qualities it takes to maintain our superior results, he oversees all projects for EcoGiants, and ensures that excellence is carried through every job; from start to finish, and down to the smallest detail. With his practical involvement on every level of the business, Jesse knows what it takes to motivate staff, guarantee quality, and instill the values of the company into every endeavour.

Ridhima Jain

Office Administrator

Charu Goel

Account Executive

Utkarsh Singh

Account Executive